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CHIEF SCIENTIST: Douglas J. La Brecque

Douglas J. La Brecque



Invited Talks and Seminars

LaBrecque, D. J., 1994, Inverse modeling: presented at the SAGEEP 94, Electromagnetic Workshop: Bridging the gap between research and practice, Section 5, 32p.

LaBrecque, D. J., 1994, ERT for environmental monitoring: presented at the University of Torino, Torino, Italy.

LaBrecque, D. J., 1994, Environmental geophysics: Short course presented at the University of Torino, Torino Italy.

LaBrecque, D. J., 1995, Maxwell's equations and GPR: presented at the 3rd Annual Government GPR conference.

LaBrecque, D. J., Sharpe, R., Brainard, J. R., Eliassi, M., Glenn, H. E., and Alumbaugh, D. L., 2005, Reconciling electrical resistivity tomography images and hydrological models: EOS Trans. AGU, 861(18), Joint Assembly, Supplemental, Abstract NSA12A-03.

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