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SBIR Grants

Multi-Phase Technologies, LLC (MPT) has had a very successful track record receiving Department of Energy (DOE) Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grants.

In 2010, MPT was awarded a Phase II continuation for the Phase I Grant Wireless Electrical Resistivity Tomography System for CO2 Sequestration Monitoring.

In 2009, MPT was awarded two DOE Phase I SBIR grants. Determining Spectral Properties of Rocks and Sediments from Broadband Electrical/Electromagnetic Data proposes developing a non- or minimally-invasive geophysical method that would estimate subsurface permeability and/or grain size distributions in environmental remediation sites. Wireless Electrical Resistivity Tomography System For CO2 Sequestration Monitoring proposes a cost-effective method of monitoring CO2 sequestration reservoirs for potential leakage pathways and for reservoir integrity using a geophysical method, Electrical Resistance Tomography (ERT).

In 2006, MPT was awarded a Phase I grant from the US Department of Energy to continue geophysical investigations of large scale, long term, Permeable Reactive Barrier Health (PRB). MPT was also awarded a Phase II grant for their work on an Ultra-Precise System for Electrical Resistivity Tomography Measurements by the DOE.

In 2004, MPT received two Phase I grants. The first is to study automated impedance tomography for monitoring permeable reactive barrier health and the second is to develop a fast, portable characterization system, integrating Time-Domain Electromagnetic with induced and natural field magnetic measurements.

In 2002 MPT received a grant to study a Combined Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) and Magnetometric Resistivity (MMR) system for environmental monitoring. An overview can be found here.

In 2000 MPT received a grant to develop an automated analysis system for high-resolution electrical resistivity tomography (ERT).
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